FUNKE Programmzeitschriften GmbH starts cooperation with Sony

watchmi – the personal TV service from Germany’s leading TV guide publisher FUNKE Programmzeitschriften GmbH today announced a cooperation with Sony Corporation in the development of mobile and tablet apps. In a first step the latest version of Sony’s TV SideView app, available on Google play and App Store, implemented watchmi’s content:

  • Editorial guidance from TV DIGITAL: TV SideView’s TV listings will be enhanced with substantial metadata, editorial reviews and ratings from the editors of TV DIGITAL, one of Germany’s leading TV guide magazines. *1
  • Theme channels: TV SideView users can now choose out of more than 40 streaming video channels offering various content as news, sports and entertainment, car reviews and product reviews.
  • Movie trailers: For discovering the best movie on TV watchmi provides access to movie trailers from TV SideView’s TV listings. *1

The companies are collaborating to include more content and more features in future releases.

Stephan Zech, Managing Director at FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH, says: “TV SideView is one of the most exciting 2nd Screen apps on the market as it helps consumers to discover contents from TV broadcast, youtube as well as our watchmi platform service on various mobile devices and it also allows to control Sony's TV set from those mobile devices. Our content is the perfect match for this experience.”

Mr. Makoto Ishii, General Manager, Multi Screen UX Service Department, Planning & Operation Division, UX & Product Strategy Group,at Sony Corporation, says: “We are constantly aiming to add fascinating features and content to TV SideView. Our partners at watchmi and TV DIGITAL offer us opulent content and furthermore provided an API and a technology that made integration seamless. We are looking forward to integrate more content and features in the near future.”

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 About watchmi

watchmi is a service provided by FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH (FDTVG). The subsidiary of FUNKE Programmzeitschriften GmbH develops personalizable content discovery solutions for TV and online video content. In collaboration with TV DIGITAL and other publications of FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE FDTVG provides premium content and personalized advertising solutions for manufacturers of consumer electronics and network operators. More about watchmi at

About TV SideView

TV SideView is a Quick remote control & TV Guide app from Sony that makes TV viewing life more convenient. This app helps to discover programs with the TV Guide. TV SideView app also offers remote control functionality for Sony's AV devices. This app is available on Google Play and App Store, free of charge. More about TV SideView at

 * 1: not for current iOS version