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FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE is on its way to become Germany’s prime media house. The focus is set on two business segments:

  • Regional media, as well as

  • Women’s magazines and TV guides.

All our actions are set to meet our customers’ requirements. Our ambition is, to fulfill their expectations on every possible day, and constantly surpass them with top-level performances. Located all over Germany and unified by that fundamental ideal, thousands of FUNKE employees strive for this purpose every day.

"Germany’s prime media house" is not an end unto itself, it is our self-conception as it is our aspiration:

  • Media house, because FUNKE doesn’t think in dividing terms of print and digital. We are convinced that an intelligent interlink of both channels is the only future way that provides service-oriented, entertaining high quality journalism.
  • For us, national means combining our local and regional strengths in a nationwide operating media house and using the inherent power for further development.
  • Best, because we go for the competition and love outstanding performances. Due to its diverse media portfolio and the creativity of its experts, the FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE is able to stand its leading position in a rapidly changing media market.

The tremendous variety of FUNKE’s journalists and media professionals is the unique source of power, ideas, creativity and inspiration, that builds the base to create inimitable products for all our customers.

Wegweiser FUNKE

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45127 Essen

Telefon: 0800 / 60 60 760
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