Zusammen. Wachsen.

The new FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE is on its way to become Germany’s prime media house.

We think in cross-media terms and interlink all channels in an intelligent way. We combine our local and regional strengths in a nationwide operating media house and permanently push their development further. We think in business terms, love a competitive environment and aim for outstanding performances.

For becoming Germany’s prime media house, our strategic approach is:

1. Consequent orientation towards products, brands and markets

We align structures, processes and products to meet the customer’s requirements and fulfill their expectations. We constantly sustain and develop our brands.

2. Focus

We create plans in a systematical and effective way, and prioritize working processes.

3. Professionalism

Our structured and strategic work relies on market research, studies, benchmarks and best practice. We regularly train our employees and enhance their skills systematically.

4. Diversity

We use the impulses that originate from the different regional markets, brands and genres and combine their potentials.

5. Passion

We like to work in a competitive environment, invent new strategies and cooperate with colleagues from all our locations.

6. Achievement

We reward professional engagement and enthusiasm for outstanding performances.

7. Creativity

Our 6,500 media professionals and their ideas, intelligence and inspiration are the foundation of FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE’s unique source to improve existing brands and invent new products.